Sisi and her beloved Hungary

Sisi and her beloved Hungary

What could Elisabeth, the eccentric empress of the Austrian Monarchy, have in common with Hungary? How did a Bavarian Princess come to like Hungarians? Why would she prefer Buda to Vienna? Did she really have a secret affair with a Hungarian nobleman?

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If you are interested in the answers to these questions, join our guided tour. We will discover Sisi’s beauty tricks while walking in the former Royal gardens; we will also discuss her role as an empress and Hungary’s queen, the joys and sorrows of her private life, and – last but not least – why she felt a strong attachment to Hungarian people.


4. Ybl Miklós square Budapest 1013 - Statue of Miklós Ybl


Döbrentei square 1013 - Statue of Elisabeth


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Please note that the tour is not suitable for wheelchair users and not safe for baby carriages.

The program starts regardless of weather conditions.