Royalty Unveiled - Sisi's Enchanted Walking TourWALK IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF QUEEN ELISABETH

Royalty Unveiled - Sisi's Enchanted Walking Tour


How did Elisabeth become the favourite queen of the Hungarians? How did she spend her days in Buda and what traces of Sisi still remain in the area of the former Royal Palace? All becomes clear on our walk!

6000 HUF

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Our walk follows in the footsteps of Elisabeth, Empress of Austrian and Queen of Hungary: we conjure up her image in the Sisi room, take the stairs in the stairwell named after her, see her favourite gardens in Buda, the Neo-Renaissance-style Castle Garden Bazaar designed by Miklós Ybl, and we walk around the Royal Palace while we recall the most important Buda-related moments in the life of the queen, much beloved by Hungarians, tragic and happy events. We talk about how the freedom-seeking Elisabeth and the liberty-loving Hungarian nation came to understand each other. We also find out who the queen’s supporters and closest confidantes were, and examine the relationship she maintained with Count Gyula Andrássy.


Ybl Miklós Square – Statue of Miklós Ybl


Palota Info Palace, 1014 Budapest, Buda Castle, Hunyadi court


60 perc

More details

- this is an outdoor and indoor programme

- recommended for ages 12 and above

- the program starts at the specified time, we are unable to wait for late arrivals

- the walk is carried out regardless of weather conditions (for example in case of rain)

- we walk through cobbled roads, stairs and narrow corridors, the walk is not accessible for persons with disabilities

- suitable shoes are recommended


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